Android app store is probably the biggest app purchasing store in the world. With no ambiguity, it has millions of apps to support all the categories of apps and games. From professional apps used by even the richest and busiest people in the world to small fun apps used to teach kids, from hardcore gamers to arcade games that burn time everything is available on play store. With over 2 billion satisfied customers app store has new uploads and billions of reviews to support its users.

In this article, we will read about the best action games on Android devices. One of the most popular categories among Android gamers, action has something for people of any age and interest. Here we will rate and review the games according to the current rating and stats of play store that wouldn’t mean there are no other games that are not like by people. We will surely review them with your feedback.


It is obvious that PUBG is ranked no.1 in the list of action games. It won’t be wrong to say that it is among the best games ever on the play store. It has attracted just too many people because of its high-quality gameplay and tremendous features and audience all around the world. It was until pubg that people spoke only about Fortnite and the great Ninja. Then it turned out to be shroud with PUBG. It turned out to be an amazing rivalry for the users as new maps and designs were added every month to keep the customers satisfied. Right now pubg has over 100 million download and 10 million plus reviews by the players that actively play pubg. Seems like the craze for pubg is not going down anytime soon.


Shadow Fight 2

Not really behind pubg is a familiar name that kids have loved over the years, shadow fight. Shadow fight has absolutely nailed it when it comes to gameplay on android devices. Even after being a heavy app it has minimum lag because of how clean it is and how modest the graphics are. It doesn’t require any fancy designs or battlefields and works just perfect for anyone to play. Its handling is pretty easy to catch and nothing too innovative can be done here but then the way it is, is just perfect and it is probably the best combat game on the play store right now. It has over 100 million downloads and the next version or updates are highly anticipated.

Sniper 3d Gun Shooter

Aim and Shoot! Is what the game represents and that is exactly how the gameplay of the game is. An action game for rest and fire lovers is this. The gameplay doesn’t have huge maps but the real situation and designed with some fantastic graphics that are nothing short of the word realistic. The reviews of this particular game are so satisfactory that one couldn’t stop himself from trying it. The game is filled with ultra-realistic graphics and is hence a heavy app. It can lag if the device you are using isn’t powerful enough. It will be really entertaining if you play it on a bigger and brighter display. However, the game has different weapons and aims that make it quite different from what we thought it to be. We recommend every android gamer to play this at least once.

War Robots:

War robots is another real-time action game which allows a battle up to 6 vs 6. It has very colorful graphics and the weapons are hi-tech instead of realistic. The battleground is one to dream of and hence is highly entertaining. It packs 39 robots with different strengths that one craves for. Just like pubg it allows you to make your own squads and clans that can fight together and against anyone who is active at the moment. Every map has its own feature and one has to adapt to the strengths of the map and use different tactics every time. Altogether it is a nice yet heavy android game.

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Tiny Archers

The game with 10 million downloads that made the list was this tiny yet amazing time killer. Not as heavy or big as other competitors’ tiny archers is a free, entertaining, arcade-feel and amazing graphics game. It is rated for anyone over 7 years of age and hence has probably the best target audience at least by these terms. Although we went through the reviews and found that many players have loved to play this even after having games like pubg in their phone. It takes less time to complete a game and is loaded easily. The requirements are not really heavy and can work smoothly even on a 2 GB RAM device. It surely is the only action game that is this light and still makes it to the best of the best and the customer ratings and feed backs are evidence to it.


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