Best android apps to make money

It is impossible to make a living out of the money that one can make by using apps that provide ‘earn by using’ feature. But it surely is an attractive feature that allows an individual to have a little extra cash in his or her pocket. Its rate is similar to that of the interest rates that you get on your bank accounts. It is minimum but there is no harm in getting a little extra cash. So how does it work?

The money that you are getting by installing and using these apps comes directly from the app purchases that are tentatively higher than what you are getting. The number of downloads od these apps that actually work are always around or over a million and that makes it highly marketable. The second way why you are getting money out of this is it increases the audience for the advertisements that are displayed on these apps and this is how they show a convincible audience to those advertisers.

So why don’t you make money out of every app used? Isn’t it applicable to all the apps being used? The answer is no. The simple mechanism is that not all policies are compatible and not all the advertisements work this way.

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Let us review a few apps that work excellently with this!


Unquestionably the biggest retailer in the world is Amazon. There is probably nothing that you can’t buy from amazon. The number of products on amazon are in millions and there are thousands and thousands of brands that are actively using this platform to sell their products. All you need is an amazon seller account and that’s it, amazon lets you sell your product alongside others on their website. They take $0.99 per sale and that is how they charge you for using their platform. It is anyways a great idea to make money out of something that is worthless to both of us.


Ebay has emerged as one of the most popular online places to convert waste into money. They have been very transparent in doing this job. It sometimes works like the biggest auction in the world that doesn’t need to exist physically. People have listed various things that are as varied as clothes to jewelry and more often than not you end up selling them at a satisfactory price. Over the years ebay has made a large audience out of this strategy in particular and people have accepted this as a better alternative over places like olx.

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This is a great app that lets you complete surveys for actual money instead of points and coupons. These are informative surveys and not scams that take any foul advantage. Therefore the idea of paying out in cash instead of rewards has elevated the so much. However it has some limited survey and nothing like unlimited that would have been really interesting though. Anyways this is not the case and the surveys are limited and real so there is no scam and they data asked is completely appropriate.


There is no one who doesn’t know about the economic potential of youtube. The world takes youtubers among the biggest celebrities and we have many of them. With unlimited audience for the millions of videos is never ending. Internet says that is the most googled domain. This clearly shows just how many people are interested in youtube videos and its creators. The most famous vloggers in fact have more followers than a real movie star. This is something mindblowing and clearly defines what youtube has grown into. It is already the biggest platform for advertisements and the graph grows exponentially.


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