The worst dissatisfaction about using a device that frightens any user before using their device for the first time is whether or not they will like the UI or the skin of the device. This is because can replace apps but replacing the entire UI is a big process as it involves a big rooting procedure that sometimes leads to hanging of the device which is risky. However the app idea of ‘launchers’ has made it significantly easier to experience a different UI or let us say UIs on the same device.

There are people who are using Samsung but don’t like touch-wiz skin or there are people who love the google launcher no matter what device they are using, this is the best solution for them. Any launcher is specifically designed on the objectives that they want to fulfill. These are as varied as neat google launcher to colorful and funky launchers that have multiple features that some might like.

Now one thing to know is that these launchers though attractive and feature-filled have their own cons to deal with. Say the launcher is really heavy in terms of animation, then the chances of it to have frame drops and lags is really high. It is always recommendable to use high-rated and stalk launchers so that the user experience is as smooth as possible.

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We are going to tell you about the best launchers available on the playstore that will enhance your experience and might even replace your original skin forever:


Probably the launcher that every Samsung user uses at least once on their smartphone is the google launcher. This has the exact same UI as the latest Pixel device which was previously the nexus line-up. The most satisfactory thing about this app is that it is developed by google itself and that is why we can expect it to have almost no unwanted graphics and a secure interface. It gives the access to google cards and other main feature like the google flagship. There are certain features that come only with the pixel or requires the device to have latest android version but then it is still providing the most needed features with the same design. Things like google assistance and lens should not be expected as they are OS specific.


Nova is hands down one of the best launchers on the playstore for any device. It has been the favorite of many users and is optimized for all the sizes and devices. It doesn’t really ask for high system requirements and handles all the customizability with ease. We have seen this launcher working on both small and big flagships and the performance that we observed was buttery and quick. The animations that it gives are colorful but not irritating and this is what turned out to be its USP. It is among the highest rated apps for the category with very promising reviews by the users. It has a very neat side app layout that looks beautiful on a tall screen. The launcher know how to use space in the screen and the pre recommended wallpapers they give are vibrant and attractive. To conclude is probably the best and personal favorite launcher.


Evie launcher is known for its swift navigation and speed. It claims to be one of the fastest launchers and the reviews by users suggest the same. It has the universal search app feature along with useful shortcuts that help in quick navigation between the apps. This is one of the few launchers where you can edit even the app drawers. Moreover, it allows you to use any browser and make any default changes. It take maximum power on the control and make some comfortable changes in in camera and other usual apps that is like by many and few customize them to stay original. It is a very good and light app that guarantees speed with simplicity.

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There is always room to the ones that have been favorite at some point, Microsoft windows is still preferred by many users. The clock time of windows is on par with any other OS and the design that has everything on the home screen that can be edited and replaced with different apps and features that makes them quickly accessible. The launcher has gained more attention since the shortage of windows phone. Some specific screens are suitable for this UI and people have actively used the launcher on these devices. So the fall of windows phone has actually benefitted the app. Another reason that makes it really reliable that it is developed and updated by Microsoft itself and the updates are periodically consistent. Therefore we recommend this launcher to every windows lover.


We would still recommend you to try and buy the device that has the desired UI that you wish fir and using launcher should be a very extreme case if needed. Let us know if you like shifting between launchers and this article was helpful for you.


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