Best ios Emulator for Android

It is very hard to find a smartphone owner who never wished to own an iphone. No matter how great android phones get with time people always wish if they owned an iphone. Now this might not be applicable to the tech community who already have the privilege to understand and work with different flagships and can prioritize what they want and what they don’t need but then a normal user would always feel that an iPhone is better which is true at most parts. This burns it down to what can android users do to use some of the ios features that android might never be able to provide. And the vice-versa holds good too.

We are talking about the apps and other developments that are developed specifically for iOS and no other operating system. What can one actually do if he can’t own an iPhone but really like a couple of apps on the store that he wishes to have? Here we are with more than one solution to make this possible.

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Emulators have become really popular even between normal users who have understood what they work for if not how. Emulators can be used for many things like when an apk is downloaded to unlock its hidden features or to work with after feature of rooting.

Something that you should know is that these emulators are free and lets you run ios apps on android for free.

IEMU IOS Emulator

This is one of the most user friendly applications that are used on android to run ios apps for free. This has been my favorite emulator and it works perfectly fine. Even if the emulator crashes it will never effect you device. It works on every android phone possible, just that the requirements should not be very low that would automatically crash the emulator every time. There is almost no compromise on the quality when we are dealing with this emulator and graphics work as smoothly as an ios device. To mention again this emulator is completely free and the sources that provide it are all secure. It does save data on the particular app that you have targeted on.

The simple way to get the job done is download the apk and install it in your device. Go ahead and run the app, you will be asked to download additional files that takes less than 100 Mb of storage. Once this is done you have to choose the ios app that you want to run from the Sd card or external storage. Proceeding further you will see that the app runs perfectly fine.

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By stats this is the most used or installed emulator on android devices. It does everything quicker than you would expect an emulator to do. This apk literally works with any ios app or game possible or available in the appstore.

Cider was developed by 6 students and has grown enormously since then. The entire research work for android and ios were done on ARM hardware. After the entire development of emulator it was and is available on the internet sources and it is still not an official app. Even though it has downloads in millions because it is an emulator it fails to become an official app. Anyways that doesn’t stop people from using the emulator for running various apps on their android devices it in fact works with almost every android device and the optimization that it has with ios apps is its USP. These are the major reasons why CIDER is such a popular app also it is free.


If you are looking for a web based emulator for ios apps on android devices then appetize should be your first option. This is not only free but doesn’t require any rooting of device to work to the fullest of its abilities. It also works on some other operating systems which include Windows and macOS. These are the ones we tested it on. It actually claims to be applicable on many browsers on various operating systems. A similar emulator with the name works in a very similar manner and can work as an alternative for appetize. The reason why we are not mentioning separately is because of the similarities it both these emulators have. Not just based on the functionality but also based on the design and UI that it has. It is equally easy to use both the emulators and the flexibility of choice that they give are pretty similar.

All these emulators work perfectly fine and work excellently with any android device. The list of apps it is holding is in billions and the fact that they work perfectly fine with any and every app is an achievement in itself. Though the abilities that these emulators talk about are differently highlighted the primary work and the usual methodology is same and hence any emulator works fine though one is preferred over the other one. 


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