With time smartphones have gained some amazing feature for customer satisfaction. Some of these are needed and some of these needs are not realized until we actually start to use them. Screen Recording was one such feature which people didn’t realize until they actually started to use them. From PCs to iPhones or Android these have been actively improving and the number of users of this particular feature has grown exponentially.

Screen recording has found itself multiple uses that can be both personal and professional. While some are using it to record videos for presentations instead of downloading the entire video and cutting it, few others are using it to share their favorite videos or in-phone discoveries on social media. We also found many youtube channels based on screen recordings as tutorials or “how to do it?”

Now when we upload anything on a platform we want it to be to the best of it and try to find different ways to make it look attractive, here we are to make you aware about the apps that can really make your recordings loo incredible.


This is easily the most recommended app for the job. The accessibility and UI that it provides is 100% user-friendly. It needs no root access and that is why we say it is highly accessible. With that, it has no time limit on recording. To add more, it can record in 1080p or 720p and one can pause and play between the recording that reduces the strain of cutting and merging videos. One can literally just record his or her favorite parts and display. Reviews say that most of the compilation videos of the famous PUBG were made using this app.

The videos are saved directly in your internal memory and the app provides its own customizations in the pro-version. The pro-version is paid. However, the free version already includes all the necessary features. The pro-version is recommended to the people who want to make screencast videos and upload on platforms like youtube.

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Mobizen Screen Recorder

Another highly reliable app for the job is Mobizen. It is very convenient to use and has almost no frame drops while recording. Unlike many other recorders, this app doesn’t suck RAM and that why the lag is minimal. Most android gamers prefer this app to record their gameplay. With high resolution capturing it can also record facecam reactions which are a rarely used but interesting feature. Mobizen is also available without any root. To have an edge over other it has some added editing feature which we surely recommend to use yourself as some of them really turn out to be very useful for some of the users.


The first and the most attractive reason to rank this app third is the full version of screen recorder is free and has no-ads. You will hardly find another app in the store which is ad-free. There is more to this already so good app. It takes very less storage and has multiple resolution settings that make it easier to record in compressed storage. It also allows you to add texts in between the recordings that can be later edited too. It comes with an inbuilt video trimmer so that you don’t have to switch between apps to complete the video. It comes in multiple languages. So go ahead and explore if it is available in your language.

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With all the impressive editing feature super screen recorder is an excellent screen capturing android app. Just like other top rated apps even this needs no root access and has no time limits on recording durations. It allows one to hide float window and pause-resume between the recordings. The resolution settings and the bit rated are very accurate and identically improved.

There is a face cam and brush tool to draw over the recordings and this is again post editable. The best part about the app is that it works like a GIF maker and that is why many Facebook and Instagram people are using this app actively. It has these extra social features and has expanded in very less time.


Another free yet different app is this beauty. With few ads to pop up at times, this app still makes it to screens of many because of this feature that works with very smoothly. The ability of this screen capturing app to record with a sound that can be edited is why many tutorial videos n youtube have this as the main workforce behind it. People actually discovered that having a microphone is not necessary if you have a quiet room to record. To be noted that even this doesn’t need root access or watermarks. The ads can be annoying at times but then once closed they don’t show up until the recording is done although there are exceptions.


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