One of the most interesting social media of our generation is SNAPCHAT. It is crazy how it get people addicted to it because of the transparency that it has between the friend circles. It obviously has settings that can be customized but then that is visible too and that is how it makes people stay online most of the times. People actually have got very interested in their social friends and there is that they always have snapchat on because anything and everything on snapchat is observable.

Now the other side of these features is that its transparency makes people want to delete it. Now, deleting any account makes people think if the account actually got deleted or does it still exist and things like that. So we are here with a clean and best procedure with the details that will help you delete your snapchat account.

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  • Open the app in your mobile and let it run successfully.
  • Click on the top left profile pic logo.
  • Now a settings logo appears in the top left-Touch that.
  • Go to-> Account Security.
  • In account security->Delete my account.
  • It contains a page link that you will be forwarded to.
  • Enter or the necessary details asked which will be username, password, and confirmation of password.
  • It is found that snapchat keeps your details for 30 days after this just in case you want to return and after that time period, your account cannot be revived.


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