How to unlock mi Bootloader?

Working with issues that include system specific changes is not risky when concerned to redmi devices. Undoubtedly mi devices are the best handsets to deal with when it comes to any software issue. The OS is so well programmed to work and optimize with any change that is software related.

Xiaomi has a lot of back end features that are working all the time towards making the whole software experience so premium. MI bootloader is one such feature that has been of ample use and high USP for xiaomi and its users. However it doesn’t come out of the box and one has to unlock it which includes quite famous terms in it. The well-known 360 hours wait for unlocking bootloader has been a pain to mi users. It doesn’t involve any kind of significant work but the waiting time is quite long (2 months or around)

That being said and after lot of testing we are here with a solution that will allow you to bypass this long waiting time and make the entire process very efficient.

Let’s see step-wise and in detail! Remember you will need two mi UI accounts and only then you can proceed with the unlocking.

  • Firstly, login with the first MI UI account that you have and sync it with developer options. You will now have to switch off the device. (after successful syncing)
  • Now with the same account log in the MiFlash Unlock software.
  • After this turn on the device in fastboot mode. For this you will have to hold the volume u ad power button simultaneously until the mi logo appears on the screen.
  • Now connect the device with pc with the help of a USB cable and accept. After successful installations a progress bar should appear which will pop an error at 99% with 72-360 hours wait request.
  • Now you can disconnect your device and switch it on.
  • You can immediately sign out of the MI UI account and sign in with the second account that was asked initially.
  • Simply turn off the device after logging in and then turn it on is fastboot mode in the same way.

In MiFlash Unlock sign in with the new ID that you logged in with in the device.

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This is where the unlocking starts. Connect it with PC with the USB cable and start the unlocking process.

If you don’t make any mistakes the entire 360 hours wait is skipped.


This method of unlocking is tested and has worked in note 4 and newer models of Xiaomi. We are yet to test it with older handsets and any kind of issue will be addressed. Kindly let us know if this method was helpful to you.


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