YouTube has been the biggest platform for any video creator in the world, period. There is no way that another website is coming even close to what youtube is right now. Every day, every hour, every minute in fact every second there are millions of new things to be updated and 100s of million people who are waiting to watch them.

It was not very long ago that one of the greatest youtubers, Logan Paul uploaded something that was inappropriate and has been unable to gain back the same youtubing career since then. When billions of people are active on a platform and thousands of people to guide every action on that platform it is rare but a possible case that something gets blocked online. The question is can these blocked video be re-accessed or are they gone forever.

Well here we are with a solution of how one can watch the videos that were blocked by youtube.


There are few ways by which you can watch these videos we are going to tell about the most feasible ones.


HOLA is a free VPN for mobo devices that can help you through installation on browsers. It is applicable or any device be it windows, IOS or android in some cases for PC browsers too. It can be downloaded easily to browsers like chrome or Firefox. It further works by changing your VPN to another country’s where that video is legit to watch.

Let’s see how it works:

  • The first step will be to download and install the HOLA extension to the device that you wish to continue on.(Chrome and Firefox preferred)
  • After the installation is completed, an icon appears at the top right of the address bar.
  • Now it is time to search for the video that you desire to watch.
  • When clicked on the HOLA icon it forwards you to URL-> the option to select a different countrys VPN appears simultaneously.
  • After setting the VPN you just have to reload the web-page and then you will be able to watch the video that you wanted.

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The simple science behind this procedure is IP address. Any website in the world tracks the country of its audience with the help of IP. So if we hide our IP and make it look like another countrys then the web security is passed. With this one will be able to remove the restrictions on the specific country.

This ca be done efficiently by proxy servers or proxy sites. We are mentioning some proxy servers here. You just have to click on them and then paste the Video URL that you want to watch.


This is another instant method to watch youtube videos that are restricted in your region.

Assuming that you find the URL of the video that is blocked, which can be tough at times.

Now you have to replace “watch?v=” with “v/” and now your URL is good to go.

We see that this is probably the easiest way to watch any particular video but then it has its own cons. You see there is no breaching of security so your VPN or IP is open and can be tracked which might lead to blocking of the Gmail ID that your YouTube or browser has logged in at that particular instant.

The better view is that there are hardly any cases of this happening. Meaning that watching any blocked video on youtube isn’t as illegal as trying to access porn or something of that sort on the internet and that is why it is often not the case.

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Another tough method is to use VPN to unblock the videos but then that has its own specifics. Different OS has different access to use the method of VPN. We can write a whole new article explaining how to use VPN to unblock youtube videos. Let us know in the comments.


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