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Top 4 PayPal alternatives to make online payments

Online payment has now become a necessity. We have 90% of the shops or supermarkets accepting and actually preferring this mode of payment over cash. Reason being time and ease. It wouldn’t be wrong to mention that

Top 5 best Sticky Notes App 2019

From students to employees or housewives to CEOs everyone has a notes-app in their device. It has been a lot of effort to write things down and remember them as a work to be done in the

How to unlock mi Bootloader?

Working with issues that include system specific changes is not risky when concerned to redmi devices. Undoubtedly mi devices are the best handsets to deal with when it comes to any software issue. The OS is so

Best android apps to make money

It is impossible to make a living out of the money that one can make by using apps that provide ‘earn by using’ feature. But it surely is an attractive feature that allows an individual to have