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The biggest media-service providers, Netflix has become a regular means of recreation for people around the world. No matter what interests you or your friends have, Netflix has something for everyone. With innumerable shows to watch, Netflix is the primary reason behind the craze for series among all. Users actually started watching series that have over 20 episodes and wait for the seasons anxiously. Many quality makers have started to take great pleasure in making Netflix series and they have had gaiety response from the public. India has in fact emerged among the biggest audience that Netflix has. Shows like Mirzapur and sacred games have made it evident that our audience is interested not only in big star movies but also in quality actor series for which Netflix has become the best platform. As we mentioned earlier it has Series that are as varied as love stories, thrillers, drama, Rom-com, Horror and what not. With some really famous actors like Nawazuddin and Radhika Apte to exploring some new talents with every show we have seen a lot of growth in the Netflix shows.

On one hand this has become a luxury and the friend who has a Netflix account is generally popular among his/her friends. On the contrary the one who has alternatives for Netflix is equally popular. Though the alternatives might have different shows or sometimes it is difficult to access them, it is worth the work because these series are just so popular. Here we are going to tell you about the alternatives that the internet has to compete with or against Netflix and still be more or equally interesting.


With the brand value of Amazon, the prime video platform is really very popular among the users. It has different set of shows and you wont find any Netflix original series on prime but then it too offers some great series and shows along with some reality shows. Being handled by amazon it has all the premium marketing from them itself and it has been providing services to more than 100 countries across the globe. It is a cheaper fair when compared to Netflix and they have amazing offers all the time because of Amazon. The prime video subscription open chances to have add-ons of other channels like Showtime, HBO etc. These services include free amazon deliveries and music too. The only real downside of this or any their great alternative is going to be you won’t have any Netflix original series but then that is something we will discuss in the end.


Being one of the oldest and at a time the favorite, HBO is still not dead. Though the number of options are very less when compare to Netflix or amazon it still does a good job a=in satisfying its audience. Reasons being their own set of creators. Even HBO NOW has their own shows that you wouldn’t find on other platforms. With over 5 million subscribers this is a significant alternative for Netflix and especially for people who are interested in shows like game of thrones.

One of its itching cons is that it doesn’t come cheap even after the kind of giants it has against it. You pay around $15 a month to get access to their movies, shows, documentaries and every other media-service which is not very bad but then the return for investment is not very significant. Though not very popular in the Asian countries, USA and other western countries are very much interested in the content that they provide and that is where most of their customer base resides.

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Fandor can be called, the soundcloud of video streaming, let us understand in detail. Most of the movies and documentaries that they stream are independently made, so if yu wish to watch the top most movies or other similar streams this is not the place for you.What makes fandor a really good alternative for Netflix is the list of competitors it has. It has over 6,000 movies accessible on its catalog and the user interface is beautifully simple and the categories are sorted in a way that it is just so easy to navigate through. So it is actually very well categorized because the reviews by the users themselves stressed on these points and almost every detail review mentioned about how neat the UI is.

Fandor gives a free trial of two weeks and then you are charged $10 per month which is again not very pocket-friendly. But you are getting a lengthy collection of movies that you will find on no other platform. This is the reason why it is so popular among indie lovers.


HULU is another US based video streaming website that is preferred as an alternative or a second option along with Netflix. It has movies and shows from famous networks like 21st century fox, starz, AMC. The reason it is not as popular as many others because it is unavailable in many countries meaning that it has a smaller target audience, but still it is very popular in many part of US especially among college students. It has some really famous shows like the path, difficult people, etc. Though it has access from many special networks you have to pay some extra cash to avail the same and that again makes it a costly affair to take advantage of everything.

Then you need to pay more to remove ads and have the premium experience which makes us ranks it lower in our list even after having such a variety and quality networks with it.

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We still recommend everyone to use Netflix over any alternative mentioned above. The only reason you should be even looking for alternatives is liking towards other shows that are unavailable on Netflix. Otherwise Netflix is easily the best choice. We have an article coming for rack sites of any show that you wish to watch for free, let us know in the comments if that interests you.


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